Would You Like Me To Design Your Marketing Strategy ...For Free?

Because I’ve set aside some time to evaluate where your marketing is losing money and engineer a process that will double your business…

Dear Friend,

My name is Andy Huynh… and I’ve got some important news for you.

You see, I’ve opened a few spots for my team to evaluate your sales funnel… then, I will personally engineer a custom marketing plan for you, for free.

That’s right, I will literally hop on the phone with you to design a custom marketing campaign that is specific to your business.



Here Is How It Will Work:

First, we’ll hop on the phone and go over what you already got…

“What are you selling? How much are you currently selling? How much more do you want to sell? What does your marketing and sales process look like? What is your ideal 6-12 month goal?”

Once we collected all the “RAW Materials” we’ll focus on 1 simple question:

“How do we engineer you a marketing system to double, triple, or even quadruple your business?”

This question might sound simple… and that’s because it is. The magic, as you know, is HOW you answer and act on this question.

Most people try to answer it themselves, get overwhelmed and waste a lot of time + resources.

Don’t let this be you.

At the end of the call with me, you walk away with:

Long-Term Strategy

You get a new marketing system that will help you increase revenue quicker - and how to automate parts of the plan you don't want to do. This will bring all the leads you can handle.

Immedieate Money Plan

Discover your blind spots (the handful of things in your sales funnel that is leaking money) and pluck "low hanging fruit" items that probably costing you money right this moment.

This will take us roughly 45 minutes and could be the most important call you take this year. That’s because:

  1. If your planning isn’t right, you’ll spend years digging yourself out of a competitive hole.
  2. If your marketing isn’t working, you can’t bring enough new cash-flow.
  3. And if you can’t scale profitably, you’ll end up with a business that traps you, financially.

Will you survive? Maybe.

Will you thrive? Maybe not.

But when you get things right, then you can finally have it all.

“You could literally be a few small steps away from increasing your business (and money in the bank) in 3-12 months…”


“But Andy, Why Are You Doing All
This Work For Free?”

Well, the truth of the matter is, this is how we get clients. A good percentage of the people I do this for end up asking me to actually build their marketing machine for them. BUT! If you want to take your blueprints, and you’ve got the experience to implement it yourself – That’s Awesome! But whichever you decide… just know there will be absolutely NO HARD FEELINGS of any kind from me. I love doing these free calls and chatting with cool people. With all that being said…

Please read the next section very carefully


NOT Intended For Everyone.

I’m a little picky about who I hop on the phone with. I can’t (and won’t) talk to everyone.

In order for me to invest my time and energy to craft you a custom marketing plan, you need to meet the following criteria…

First, you have a solid business already.

Your product or service is validated. In other words, you are actively marketing and getting a few sales and your customers are happy.

You have a steady flow of leads and customers.

You're not worried about flashy websites, how "proper" I talk, or what tools I use. Because concerns like that don’t multiply sales.

You must have good products and a solid reputation.

You share common traits with my best clients - they are deeply committed to growth and take immediate action.

That’s It! Those are all my requirements. As long as you’ve got a legitimate business, I’m delighted to help you …for free.


Now, You've Got A Big Decision...

You can ignore this page and continue in the direction you are headed.

Or, you can temporarily suspend your disbelief and see what a true marketing expert can do for your business.

Seriously, if you already read this far then go all the way…

Here’s How The Process Works…

It's Only

“At the end of the call, you walk away with a solid marketing plan to increase your sales and revenue for the upcoming 3-12 months.”