Access To Assets

In order for us to manage your PPC account, please provide access to the following:

Step 1/3: Your Accounts

In order for us to manage your PPC account, please provide access to the following:

Required: Access to Facebook Business Manager:

  • Client instructions: click here
  • Partner Business ID: 647509895402314
  • Assets required: ad account, pages, pixels, Instagram account

Required: Access to create landing pages:
We prefer to create landing pages because we don’t want to slow down the process by not having access to your website.

  • Please provide your Website URL/Login
  • If you DO NOT wish for us to access your landing pages, please send us links to your landing pages for the product/services you wish to promote.

Step 2/3: Your Brand & Identity

Required: Access to your Marketing Collateral

Please provide logo(s), hex colors, branding, brand images;psd/ai;jpg;png, video promos (you can do a shared dropbox/drive link)

Required: Access to your Copy Assets
Please provide taglines, past marketing documents, company pitch, etc.

Step 3/3: Product To Market Information

Required: Campaign Assets/Info

Please provide use with information about your existing sales funnel.

  • Describe your existing sales funnel.
  • Do you have any Front-End “foot-in-the-door” offers?
  • Launch date?
  • National or Local campaign?
  • Starting budget for the campaign?

Required: Your Ideal Customer Profile
Based on the concept of your true fan (link to article). We use details about your raving fans to construct a “message to market” match in our advertising. 

  • Describe your ideal client demographics (e.g., age, gender, location, etc.)
  • Describe their psychographics
  • Hooks that would attract them? (e.g., “lost 10lbs in 10 days”)
  • Images that would grab their attention?
  • Please list 10 Facebook or Instagram Pages that have a common audience as your ideal client (send more if you choose).

Additional Information:
*All information is kept strictly confidential.