Are You Still…

“Struggling To Get Your Lead Magnets and Landing Pages Finished?”

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If you have been:

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  • Pushing away this task because you’re a little confused
  • Not quite sure what to say or how to say it
  • Not sure the best way to design your write your content


If any of those things have been holding you back, I’ve got great news:

We’re temporarily re-opening up a new service where our team will personally write, format, and design your lead magnet PDF or content for you… For CHEAP.

(I will be personally overseeing each project)

Why do this?

Two reasons:

  1. This is a huge hurdle to getting your product out there and without this step, most of you never get started. It makes me look good when you make money
  2. When you start getting leads and sales, you may want to hire our team to make you even more money. So yes, there is an evil master plan at work here mwuahahaha.
  3. The last reason is… I actually said there was only two reasons, just seeing if you are paying attention.

And if you cant even afford to pay attention, this is perfect for you! Our lead magnet service will only run you $497.

Can’t beat that? Oh, wait, yes I can.

As a bonus, I’ve just decided the first 5 of you who take me up on this will also get… Get this… A landing page, download page, and thank you page written and designed for you along with the email sequence that goes out to people who sign up.

PLUS… We’ll even connect it all up for ya so you don’t have to feel like sumo smashing your computer.

$997 to hand the entire responsibility of getting your business up and running? Now you’re acting like a true entrepreneur… 

I only take ONE of these projects a month so it’s first come first served. 

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