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Drive More Sales To Your Offer With A High-Converting Explainer Video

Especially if you’re struggling to convert your offer in today’s “video” economy

Now, Turn Boring Offers Into Insanely Powerful Pitches

Website + Video = Sales Accelerated

“At 4:00AM, When You’re In Bed Sleeping – Your Sales Video Keeps On Working”

First, our studio will uncover the most MAGICAL part of your brand, then we infuse it with psychological hooks & hypnotic sequencing to really nail down the potency of your product, service or brand.

Then will craft your high-performance explainer video. You’ll have a power full that you can start generating leads from.

And that’s what we want – For someone to land on your website, watch your video, click the buy button and pay you.


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Here's A Few Video Examples

Check out some of the videos we produced and see what to expect

Instantly Convert More Visitors...

Explainer Videos help more visitors to your website take action.

Research shows that video is converting more visitors to opt-in for a product after watching (In some cases 400% more visitors).

Your Perfect Sales Person!

Place your video on your website, at an event or store to play for each visitor like your best salesman – you can feel confident your message is delivered perfectly every time.

Even at 4:00am, when you’re in bed sleeping – your sales video keeps on working and your job just got easier.

Easily Share With Everyone...

Need to share your pitch? No problem, just share your video.

Weather it’s through email, Facebook or at a networking event – Your “direct response video” get’s your story across, inspires and motivates action.

Within 30-90 seconds, a video from The Magnetic Pitch will capture your audience attention, quickly connect with their needs, builds trust and most importantly… inspires action!

Here's how video helps you persuade consumer behavior…

It’s predicted that 80% of internet traffic will follow this video trend (consumers want video).

Using video in email marketing campaigns increased revenue by 400% (Relevancy Group)

A viewer is 64-85% more likely to buy a product or service after watching a video.

Video on landing pages increase conversions upwards of 80% (

What You Get With Every Video

While explainer videos can deliver fantastic results, it is also a great way to waste your marketing budget – But over the years we discovered the high-converting elements that work best.
Targeted Script Writing

Your video uses powerful script sequencing to target your message to the ideal prospect, and gets them to take action.

Professional Voice Actors

We use professional voiceover artist who deliver your message in crystal clear “real-tone” pitch.

Engaging Animation

Your video uses powerful script sequencing to target your message to the ideal prospect, and gets them to take action.

Your Brand

Consistency creates trust. It’s Your brand and we use your colors. After all, you won’t want to look like a competitor.

Psychological Triggers

We use very real and tested psychological triggers that motivate, inspire and influence to make a buying decision.

Optimized & HD

The video is High-Definition & easy to deploy – so you can run it and then focus other things.

Customers reviews

“Our website magnet has since brought in 32 new clients, filled up slots during our slower days and consistently sell more products on the back-end of our business. I’m so excited!”
Amy H.
Salon Owner
“We often need investment capital for our projects and go through lots of meetings where we have to pitch. The Magnetic Pitch helped us put together a deck that makes it much easier to get investor interest.”
Frank Z.
SaaS Developer

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What's Included



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What's Included



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What's Included

frequently asked questions

  1. Insight Extraction: After you order, you’ll get a questionnaire to help us craft your pitch. We tested different variations of the questionnaire and found the right questions to find the best sequence, story, and psychological hooks needed to pitch your offer with impact.
  2. Script & StoryNext, we’ll craft your high-converting script. This powerful script is designed smack your prospects between the eyes so they say, “OK, this is exactly for me.” Our copywriters are equipped with over 50+ tested and proven persuasion formulas and will find one to best communicate your message.
  3. Voice & MusicYour message needs a voice. Crystal clear voiceovers with a steady music bed is important to set the right tone for taking action. You’ll pick from a selection of voiceovers that activates personality in your pitch to create authority, trust and likability for your brand.
  4. Animation & EffectsFrom your storyboard, we start animating around your high-converting script and voiceover. This is when it get’s exciting – as your message is being express in animated visuals! We love hearing feedback at this stage!
  5. DeliveryWe’ll render your final video and delivery it to you in High Definition. We’ll give you a few tips on how to embed and share it. For example put it on your website, use it in advertising, place a link from your email signature… get it seen!

Click the “Get Started” button and place your order. You’ll get taken to a questionnaire (important) we use to design your script. We only move through each stage (script, voiceover, animation…) after your feedback and satisfaction.

We require feedback in each stage of production (script, audio, video, etc…) so it depends on feedback speed. However, we can complete the video around 2 weeks with same-day feedback.

No problem.  Send us an email at, and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

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100% Percent Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that The Magnetic Pitch will increase your website’s sales that if your new video fails to increase sales in 14 days you can simply email us for a full 100% refund.

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