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Can you help us share your feedback with a video interview?

From: Andy Huynh
Texas, USA
Saturday, 11:47 p.m.

I am so grateful for you choosing to work with me.

This journey all started with a love for entrepreneurship & freedom – especially to share this path with you and others.

Your review will mean the world to me and keep me going on this journey.

Thanks again for your support!

NAME – you’ve been an amazing client. We’ve been extremely greatful workign wit hyou.

Would you be open to sharing your experience in a short “interview style” video review?

This won’t take more than 10-12 minutes of your time and can be recorded from your computer, tablet or phone on your time.

Here’s the link to record your experience:

I deeply appreciate you doing this!

– Andy

P.S. If it’s more comfortable, I can interview you live on video chat. 

New Clients Testimonials

Script for clients who only recently worked with you and you need testimonials…

“Hey I really want to expend my business I love what I do. WOuld you be willing to leave a testimonial on:

  1. The journey thus far.
  2. How it’s been working with me.

Character Testimonials

These can be from friends and family…

Here are some examples:

“I’ve never seen anybody care more about their clients…”

“I’ve never seen anybody more obsessed with marketing… if you ever get a chance to talk to Andy… then take the opportunity… you won’t be disappointed.”

“Their work ethic is inspiring”

Strategy Session Experiences

Approach: “Hey did you get anything for our strategy session? Yes, would you mind… I’m trying to expand my business, I’m trying to reach more people. Would you mind leaving me your experience with it?”

“I had a breakthrough call with Andy. And in just 45 Minutes, they were able to shine so much light on… and gave actionable steps…”

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