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Hi, I'm Andy Huynh.

I grew up in Louisiana. I’m a bit of an outcast because I hate to follow the crowd. I dropped out of school to party, work random jobs, and play poker.

Then, I found an obsession: Marketing, psychology, and self-development. At one point I racked up over $20,000+ in debt because I was so obsessed and couldn’t focus on anything else (like keeping a job and paying bills). I spent over 10 years, and over 10,000 hours of study and experimentation with dozens of businesses before I started making real money for myself and others.

Here are some things I’ve done since recently

Help launch a brand new Shopify store that generates $66,221/month in sales in 6 months and has now scaled over 100k/month.

Took a brand new Facebook Ads account from ZERO to $98,959 in revenue in under 6 months at 3-4x return.

Wrote & Set up an eCommerce email campaign that made $23,462 in the first 60 days and $58,786 by the 100th day.

I helped bring millions of dollars to dozens of businesses across multiple niches and industries.

Agencies and in-house marketing teams hire me to help them do the same.

For this, I charge upwards of $500/hr and I only take on a limited number of “done-for-you” clients.


Here's Why Things Are
Not Working For You

having been hired by dozens of clients in different of industries gives me a clear understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

Many of the people I work with are…

And the silent killer nobody realizes is…

The longer you do things the same, the WORSE your results will be over time.

That’s because the ecosystem you build around your brand will start to “down cycle” and feed you the lowest quality profit share.

Stay too long in the “down cycle” and you’ll have to work twice as hard to get the same results.

Contrary to popular belief, great results can be achieved immediately with the right strategy. A bad strategy, on the other hand, will never suddenly start working.

Just as a bad business won’t suddenly start working, a bad advertising framework won’t either.

So if you can feel deep in your gut that things are not going in the right direction, it’s time to make a change.



The Structure For Scaling

I’ve got this particular system & process to manage not Facebook Ads by the numbers – like an investor would – that has been working for dozens of very different businesses over the past few years.

It’s called The Structure For Scale.

It’s simple, it’s clear, and it works. 

It works because it’s been derived from principles of billion-dollar brands, the experience of boot-strapped startups, and the collective feedback data from the greatest machine-learning platform in the world.

It creates feedback data using a universally proven testing method at the highest confidence. That’s what makes it the best, most cutting-edge method.

In my opinion - the best structure should follow these principles:

  1. It should be give you immediate feedback on what works
  2. It should give you immediate feedback at without spending a lot on marketing
  3. It should be a complete system to manage not only Facebook Ads… but your entire marketing mix.
  4. It should allow you to make RAPID BUSINESS DECISIONS based on key data.
  5. It should work to build consistent & accurate incremental data.
  6. It should include a method to actively self-monitor your progress in order to limit blind spots and catch bad patterns.
  7. It should be flexible enough to test tactics and strategies while still maintaining consistent results
  8. It should be flexible enough to respond to seasonal, political, and other outside volatility.
  9. It should be fully transparent so you know what is going on in your entire business AT A GLANCE.
  10. It should give you your time back – so you can work on other areas of your business without the stress and worry about ads.
  11. It should be a FEEDBACK MACHINE that gives you a pulse of the market so you can pivot and adjust before your competitors or problems.
  12. It should give you control of your team, and align them to your goals in 30-90 day sprints, and yearly projections.

The Structure For Scale covers all these areas listed.


You've Got A Lot Of Choices...

So what are you going to do?

  • You wanna break through your profits ceiling or scale?
  • How much longer will you settle for expensive ads, inconsistent results, and all the stress that comes with it?
  • How much longer do you want to play “catch-up” with everybody else?
  • When exactly do you really want to make it happen?
  • Do you want to break through the chains now or later?

Don’t suffer anymore – just apply my structure for scale – let it work for you and watch it work.

You can keep trying things taught from YouTube or groups and keep banging your head into the wall.

You can waste away endless hours, days, weeks… the next 3, 5, 10 years (how many so far?), to try and crack this formula and hopefully figure something that works for you.

Or you can schedule a free information call right now and begin transforming your Facebook Account… and your business this week.


The Truth Is... Your Business Is
Unique In A Few Ways

Your business, current lifestyle, and “dream lifestyle” are completely unique to you.

This page would be 10,000+ words if I tried to go through all the elements of The Structure For Scale and how it might work for you.

That’s not realistic.

And I won’t want to make wild claims that may or may not apply to your situation so an information call is the best way to do this quickly.

On this call, you can tell me what you do, who you do it for, how you are currently managing your Facebook ads, and what’s working for you and what is not.

You’ll then tell me exactly what you want that you aren’t getting, how much you want to be making, and how soon you want to be making it.

After I know exactly what you want, I’ll show you exactly how to use The Structure For Scale to get you there faster and better than anything else you could do.,


Here's What You'll Discover
On The Information Call

3-Part Structure

I'll break down the 3 elements of the Structure For Scale: Measuring, Testing, and Mapping... and how you can use them in your specific situation.

Immediate Answers

I''ll give quick-fix tactics you can use right now to improve your account by 5, 10, or even 20% within the next week so you have ROI before we start.

“You'd be potentially losing out on thousands in immediate money by not scheduling a call. And if you're a good fit for this structure, you may be given a chance to access it.”

Not Everyone Is A Fit

In the past, I allowed anyone easy access to me and my program when I should have never let them in the first place.

It caused all sorts of issues because they would say “we feel like things aren’t growing quickly enough.”

And they were right… I failed them by working with them in the first place.

So I’m much pickier these days – because my success and reputation depend on your success and it’s too painful to help the wrong people.

If we decide you are not a fit, I promise I’ll still show you how to fix some of the problems you’re facing.

Schedule your call, appointments are first come first served and we only have 4 slots available each week.

Final Words From Andy...

I’m telling you, if you keep doing this on your own it’s going to be a disaster. It’ll just get more overwhelming… more and more confusing and more and more exhausting.

If you keep running ads that nobody wants to see, and structuring your business for more stress, soon you will dig a hole you can’t climb out of.

If you keep building your business with advertising that they don’t want to see, are disruptive to their daily lives, and offers they will never share it with their friends…. you’re wasting your time.

If you don’t build a marketing system that can withstand economic volatility, you might night survive the next summer or a major economic event.

The Structure For Scale is the last and only framework you’ll need. That’s the truth.

But I’m not asking you to buy anything now – I’m asking you to deeply consider it as an option for you and to investigate for yourself if this is the thing you’ve been looking for.

So be smart and find out more about the fastest, best, and most complete system for scale and stability that exist for scaling with ads. It’s like seeing the matrix – and managing your business by the numbers – like an investment banker.

Schedule your information call below, it’s the highest ROI action you can take in your business this month.

Don’t let skepticism and fear overpower your desire and excitement.

Not everything is a scam, and not everyone will let you down. So take chances and make moves.