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The Venture Results System

Discover a marketing process so dangerously effective, you'll leave your competition in the dust.
Discover how we

Warning:  Our goal isn’t to bullshit you about fancy marketing tactics. We’re here to make you money. Let’s not waste time with useless marketing.

Here's How We..

Generate Results And Drive Growth

Phase 1

Grab The Low Hanging "Money Fruit"

After working with and auditing dozens of industries, we identified action steps that you can take immediate action on to drive direct revenue in your business

Phase 2

Systemize The "Pockets of Profit"

Facebook Ads / Instagram Ads / Paid Search / Google Shopping / YouTube Ads

After getting those “easy wins” in your business, the next step is to make those results a REOCCURING & CONSISTENT part of your business.

We do that with by turning random investment efforts into trackable, and reliable evergreen campaigns.

On top of evergreen campaigns, we use a very scientific “pockets of profit” discovery method to grow new revenue for your business.

Phase 1

Repeated ROAS Scaling

Facebook Ads / Instagram Ads

Now that the sales is consistent & stable across your brand ecosystem, and your revenue is predictable, it’s time to scale.

Unlike agencies that only scale through “increasing budget” we use efficiency focused strategies that improve conversions, lower cost per results, and increases average order value.

The results is more profit from the same advertising “spend” so when you do decide to increase budget you pocket more of the cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  2. The call is an opportunity for us to get to know each other, and discuss your goals and challenges
  3. If we both think it’s a good fit, we perform an analysis and put together a three-month roadmap projection and initial strategy
  4. We schedule a second call to walk through the plan and make sure that we’re aligned
  5. Your first ads go live within 7 days of signing

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Step 3: Launch Within 12 Days

Ready to dominate your competition?

You are on the wrong page if you’re looking for someone to update your website or manage your social media. Because, those concerns don’t multiply sales.

Let’s face it, most “marketing agencies” or “consultants” forget the important stuff – and that’s to get you more leads, sales and profit. So if that’s where you’re stuck…

Then, let me give you a tested and proven framework – that you can install directly into your existing business – and attract new and repeat customers ASAP.

Working with me let’s you to keep running your business with confidence, while I keep bringing you clients, customers or patients.

We've Never Had A Client Make Less Than ROI. Get Results Or... YOU PAY NOTHING.

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Here’s How We Help

We call these “high-ROI” activities. Which are you struggling with the most?

Drive More Traffic


Got leads and sales but you want more? Open the floodgates of profitable traffic.

Capture More Leads


Sure, traffic & exposure is good for business. But leads are so much better… agree?

Close More Sales


Low sales? Leads not biting on your offer? Let’s fix those conversions right now…

People & Brands We Serve

“I was really surprised when people started signing up for our offer! We got more visitors online and the email marketing help bring customers on slower days.”
Amy H.
Salon Owner
“Andy helped with our initial phases of product development and crafted our pitch decks in order to bring a new product to market.”
Frank Z.
SaaS Programer
“…one of my customers came and actually said it was because they signed up from our website. We even had to turn off lead generation a bit so we could catch up.”
Charlie P.

How Our eCommerce Brands Generate More Sales


Diagnose, Prescribe & Strategize. Here we breakdown historical data, audiences, competitors, and offers. We're looking for your unique voice for the market you're trying speak to.

Digital Assets

Make sure your engine is running smoothly before driving visitors. All your tracking, integrations, landing pages, and website is up standard before we open the floodgates of traffic.

Profit Fuel

The traffic we generate from our campaigns produce leads that are further down the buying funnel. We use a "Sphere of Influence" to allow your customers a unique and intimate conversation with your brand.