4-Part Facebook Ad Creation Guide

Learn how the pro’s put together Facebook Ads to get higher click-through-rates to their website.

When I first started running ads I would pay anywhere from $3-6 for every lead I got from my ads. Disaster!

But after months of trial, error and consulting with a few experts this is the system I now use to consistently get higher click-through rates. If you’re having a hard time with getting people to click on your ads… read this guide! You’ll learn:

  • The most important element of attention and tips to maximize it.
  • How to laser target your ideal customers among the casual readers of Facebook.
  • The 2 elements of that turn prospects from “interested” to clicking and learning more about your product or service.

So read below and use start to grade your own ads…

1.The Image

The most important factor in getting a higher click-through-rate (CTR) is the image. This is what first get’s attention from the casual Facebook user. My suggestions are:

  • Eye Catching – High quality images with good contrast do well.
  • Relevant – e.g., if you’re are targeting plumbers, use pictures of plumbers.
  • Human – Pictures of people tend to do better (useually) than not.

Start by testing 4-10 images. You are testing for CTR. The image determines 80% of your CTR since it’s what get people to stop and pay attention.

Importance Score: 80%

2. Text above image

The next most important thing is the headline above the copy. This isn’t “Technically” the headline but it’s the first thing the eye looks at after the image so we’ll call it the headline.

Your goal in this section is to create interest in what you got to say.

Here are some guidelines:

  • Call Them Out – If your target audience is a wedding planner say, “Are you a wedding planner?” The reason this works is because people are more likely to listen to things about themselves.
  • Maintain Interest – Now you want to stop them in their tracks. I like to make a bold statement or ask a question that relates to their problem.

An example is, “Wedding planners – get more clients today” or, “Chiropractors – struggling to get new patients?”

Importance Score: 12%

3. Text below image

Use the text below your image to flesh out what the viewer is getting and give them instructions on how to get it.

Example: “Click here to see 4 changes in your Facebook Ads to get you cheaper clicks” or “this video will show you 4 changes to your Facebook Ad to get cheaper clicks. Click to watch!”

Keep this section actionable and related to the one problem/solution that’s is a burning need or current pain. Here are some tips:

  • Give Command – This is your main hook and call-to-action. Tell them what to do next to get the thing you promised in the text above.
  • Give Reason Why – when you tell someone to do something, they automatically ask why. So give them a reason.

Importance Score: 6%

4. Button & Website Link

  • Button: I recommend using “learn more” because all other choices are too big of a commitment for the viewer to take at this stage of the offer.
  • Website Link: since you already have a button, adding your URL here is a waste of space. I like to mazimize this area by adding a tagline like, “Only 7 Steps from more clients” or something similar.

Importance Score: 2%

And there you have it!

This is the exact guide I reference to get killer conversions every time I run or test a new ad.

Go ahead and test these changes today.

In the end, optimizing your Ad will result in more clicks to your website, more people seeing your offer, and ultimately a steady stream of leads going through your sales funnel.

Just remember that getting clicks on your Ad is only a part of a successful campaign. After someone clicks on your Ad, you still have to convert them into a sale.

But don’t worry, if you have time, I’ll be happy to schedule a quick chat about your specific situation.

Next Steps

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To Your Success!

Andy Huynh

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