How To Generate Leads And Sell More With “Value Bridges”

I got a question for you.

  1. Are you giving away value first, to produce a lead?
  2. Are you following-up with that lead?

If you answered yes to the first question, congratulations! you’re ahead of the curve.

Now, let’s get you even further ahead.

The biggest problem, is most people are giving stuff away that people don’t actually want.

Seriously… when was the you signed up and offer that said, “join my newsletter”? When was the last time you read a 32 pg. eBook? So why are peopel giving them away?

Lots of time people won’t engage not because they don’t trust you and they have to trust their own abilities to take the actions they need to get the result.

So if you could provide them now, with something valuable that aids them in their journey, that moves the needle for them.

  • Give them the script
  • give them the tools
  • Give them the resource guide

Give to your prospects the thing they need to move the needle in their lives. That way they can connect that progress to you.

You become the hero.

So how exactly can you do this?

Step 1 – Find Their Transformation

Your customers are trying to go from point A to point B and your product can either be an obstacle or a solution to their problem.

For example, a skinny teenager wants to get big so he can stop getting picked on.

Or perhaps, the skinny teenager wants to get big so he can get his high school crush to notice him, and finally have the confidence to approach her.

Notice the ‘transformation’ has nothing to do with a product or service.

So let’s remove your product/service from the equation a moment and answer these questions:

  1. What is a burning transformation your audience has? Use this template, “My audience wants ‘A’ because ‘B’ even if ‘C’.
  2. Is A, B and C an immediate and compelling?

Once you find the transformation your audience desires, and that transformation is compelling enough, move on to the next step.

Step 2 – Create a Quick-Fix Solution

Most people start jabbering on about how their product or service can fix their audiences problem.

But what if you can quickly demonstrate your value, create goodwill, and gain trust first?

Wouldn’t that make a better potential customer, client or patient?

We’ll here’s how you do that… by creating something marketers call a “lead magnet”.

Start by answering these questions:

  1. What’s something your audience can use or do to make their transformation easier today?
  2. What can you name your quick-fix solution?
  3. How can you package it and make it look nice?

Let’s continue with the earlier example with the skinny kid.

  1. Quick-Fix: a simple, 30-day bicep routine printout that he can follow
  2. Catchy Name: “The skinny kids guide to bigger biceps in 30 days”
  3. Package: Printable workout calendar with routine in a downloadable PDF file + access to the video on how to perform the exercise.

Hint: We discovered that a combination of “downloadable PDF” (weather in the form of a checklist, blueprint, tool or template type media) + an accompanying video, or vice-versa, tend to work well.

Can you package a quick-fix solution into a PDF file or video that aids your audience in their transformation?

Take a moment and brainstorm to see what you can come up with…

Step 3 – Give Access To Your Audience

Now we’ve got a transformation your audience wants.

And you got a quick solution that will aid them in that transformation.

What is the most bare-bones method to give your audience access to your solution in a way that also produces you a “lead” for your business?

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. A Landing Page
  2. A Thank You Page

That’s it.

The landing page is simply a page that someone can enter their name/email in exchange for the lead magnet you created.

Landing page tip: Use a good headline, maybe an image and a bit of text about the transformation your audience will get if they opt-in for access.

The thank-you page is a page that, after they entered their name/email, will give them access to the lead magnet.

Thank you page tip: thank them for their action, and give access to your solution. If you’re delivering your lead-magnet through email, make sure you mention this on the thank-you page.

Yes, there are more advanced and automated ways to do this, but I wanted to keep it simple stupid (KISS) so you can take action quickly.

What makes this a lead?

When someone gives you their email, they are 1) interested and 2) engaging with you as a prospect.

More importantly:

  1. Capturing the email on your landing page let’s you continue the sales conversation later on, because most sales take multiple touch points before the purchase.
  2. Your quick-fix solution gives them a taste of their transformation (which they highly desire) and gives you trust and credibility in their eyes.
  3. The combination of the 1 & 2 makes this a more qualified lead than if you reached out to them first.

So let’s use the example of the skinny kid again. This time, he’s downloaded your PDF + and watch your video about how to get big biceps….

What if a day later, you send him a follow-up email about why this helps him with his confidence?

What if 2 days after that, you send a promotion that says, “Hey, did you enjoy the bicep routine? Would you like the rest of the routine?”

What if 2 days after that, you ask, “Do you need some help?” and introduce your gym or personal training services to them?

Do you see the potential here?

You’ve created a “value bridge” between you and your prospects’s desired transformation.

And it’s much easier to close the sale when you’re pitching a “transformation” than if you’re pitching a product or service like everybody else.

It’s now or never – go and create your lead magnet, move the needle in people’s lives and become the hero. This will not only help you produce results in your ventures, but will inspire people to seek you out for more transformations.

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