Hi, and welcome...

I'm Andy

Director of Venture Results

Venture Results, at it’s core, is a direct response marketing company.

We help companies grow their revenue to 6-figures/mo and beyond using paid media.

In the last few years, every business we directly partnered with has reached an ROI.

So how are we able to accomplish this?

Our method of marketing is…

A Bit Different Than Most Partners

We check if we're a "Good Fit?"

We don’t work with everyone. We have a strict (but reasonable) set of criteria the needs to be met in order for us to proceed. This means we only work together if we can actually help you.

You'll Either Love Us or Hate Us

We will market better than you, in our own way and you’ll be happy because you generate more profit, and in less time. You’ll either love us or hate us for this "no-bull" attitude. Either way, you’ll profit.

We Build Long-Term Assets

We build assets that turn visitors into sales… then into long term fans. This starts from your message then into your website, landing pages or newsletters that work together like a machine to turbo-charge your marketing engine.

You've got many choices...

You can pick from high-end agencies to your fresh outta college “business” graduate. But do they know the difference between “theory” and what actually works in the real world?

We know tested and use marketing that works. Ultimately, we believe in freedom and we build assets that give you more freedom of time, money and resources in your life and work.

Case Studies

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Case Studies

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So What's The Right Choice?

It’s more critical than ever you find someone you can trust. It’s not uncommon to hear business owners say, 

“I’ve tried marketing – it didn’t get the results I wanted… I wasted my time and money.”

So… how does marketing allows VOSS to sell water for $6 a bottle where normal bottles go less than $1.?

How does marketing separate McDonalds from the corner burger joint?

One brought in 21.3 billion in 2018, the other just barely making enough to pay for it’s expenses…

Here’s Why They Failed..

It’s not ‘marketing’ that’s the problem…

The problem, is most people who call themselves marketers have no clue what they’re doing.

Even the large companies like Bain&Co will hire fresh-faced kids right out of college with no experience on your account. All you have to do is check their job postings.

Without experience, they base their strategies off outdated textbook knowledge or articles they read online that’s written to ‘impress’ rather than make sales. However, we know that…

“Marketing Is A Science..

… the science of salesmanship.

There are strategies and tactics that have been PROVEN to increase sales… and most people who claim the title “marketer” have no idea they exist.

We know your business is important to you – so our job is no to make you feel hopeful, or feel excited, or feel like you’re moving forward…

No, our job is to actually get you more sales – to actually raise your bottom line, to actually elevate your brand, and get you results damn-it!

The Key To Doubling Your Profits…

Every major business from the fortune 500’s to SMB’s do some form of marketing. They don’t do it because it’s fun – they do it to get customers.

  1. Do you have enough customers? After all, it’s the lifeblood of any business. When you have more customers than everyone else, you win. Everything we do here is about getting customers.

  2. What will get more customers? There are a hundred things you can do in your average day. Most of those activities cost money, instead of making money. Of all those things, that do make money, marketing makes the most.

At Venture Results, we noticed “online traffic” combined w/”direct marketing” to be the fastest path to generating ROI from your customers.

When you do this, you save both time and money from your marketing.

And that is all we care about; that you get a return on your investment.

Here’s What Is NOT Going To Help You…

It’s NOT “branding” or “exposure” or “getting your name out there…”

Most marketers focus on all the metrics that make you “feel” like you’re getting something done. They tell you your website is higher on Google or they show you how much traffic you’re getting. But so what?

All those numbers are meaningless if it doesn’t get you leads or turn your leads into customers. You need someone who knows how to do this without wasting time or money…

Do This And You Win…

If you can put in $1 and get back $2… You win.

Marketing is the only place you can increase your results by 2x-10x in many cases, without spending any more money or time. We know the assets, systems, and strategies you need to do this.

With all that said, are you ready to discover what a Million Dollar Sales Process Looks Like?

Get in touch with us and we’ll show you…

Discover How We Can Grow Your eCommerce Business Revenue.

Get customers & everything fixes itself

The prime reasons are low sales (this is a big one), lack of experience and high competition. There might be other obstacles like cashflow, location, declining revenue, and overwhelm.

But if you solve the first reason (sales), the rest will take care of itself, pretty much. If you have a strong foundation everything that sits on top won’t fall.

Fastest method for customers?

Direct marketing + your ability to scale online is the most effective way to get customers.

You can sell using any environment (direct mail, face-to-face, radio, etc.) but the internet is the biggest distribution channel in the world. It’s the cheapest to run ads and easiest to scale.

Promotions and media has the slowest rate of growth while direct marketing and digital advertising is poised to grow 3 trillion in the next few years.

You need customers because it’s the fuel that runs your business machine.

How we view marketing

We see marketing as the KEY money-maker in your business. Why? Because it’s the highest-leverage area where you can increase your reasults by 2x – 10x (in many cases without spending any more money or time).

Most activities inside your business cost money instead of making money. Of the things that make money, marketing makes the most money.

Note: marketing is not about turning no’s into yeses. It’s about connecting customers with what you already want.

Your opportunity to dominate the competition

With marketing, you can acquire new customers at a fraction of the cost compared to every other medium. This means you have a huge opportunity to dominate your space unlike any other in the next 3 years…

“Superior sales and distribution by itself can create a monopoly, even with no product differentiation.”