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"A Few More Thoughts On Getting Clients For Your Salon, Spa or Beauty Services..."

I hope you enjoyed the first video on how to [do the cool thing] as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you…

I fully believe if you wantto [end result lifestyle], you need to start right away, and it starts with NOT doing it the way [other competitor] does it – but you do need a roadmat from someone who’s done it before in a unique way that will stand from your competitors.

And if you ‘re serious about ahving the best [cool thing] experience possible, I’ve got some great news fr you…

Ask yourself...
  • From the video – have you been using these strategies to your advantage?
  • People are excited after signing up to your offer – have you created an upsell or one-time-offer (OTO) as a “thank-you” page?
  • The more automated your funnel, the better experience your clients will have before they visit you – have you setup your “set-it” and “forget-it” follow up sequences?

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From: Andy Huynh
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