Fit Chow

Conversion campaigns yielded massive improvement over boosted posts



Increased Order Value


Increase In ROAS


Decrease in CPA 

The Story

A Fitness Meal Prep Business

Fitchow is a meal prep business that provides healthy ingredient recipes with a tasteful and unique spin.

The brands founder Rick, has been promoting the business using simple boosted ads with little or not success.

With nearly $10,000 spent with minimal success the business faced two issues:

  1. The top-line revenue was sub-par at a CPA of $56 and an average order value of $45 from their ads.
  2. The previous media buyer working on the account couldn’t get the Facebook Ads Manager to spend.

I was brought in to solve the above issues.

The Goal

Get the account running better than their historical results

The Solution

Proper onboarding & account setup

With a bit of elbow grease, we helped FitChow setup all the important things like CAPI, AEM, Domain verification and more.

The this allowed the business account to finally start spending money.

Then we crafted a campaign using best practice campaign architecture personally developed for micro-budget account such as Fit Chow. 

Following these simple steps (that many media buyers miss) we were able to get massive initial returns on the first $1,500 in spend.

The Results

Exponential improvements over three key metrics

CPA went from $56 to $36

ROAS from 0.8 to 3.3 average

Average order value over doubled from $45 to $117

Next Step

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