Pepper Leaf

Industries: Ecommerce - Meal Prep
Market: Australia

Scaled 11x In 5 Months



Increase In Monthly Volume


Increase In Average CPA

The Story

A Meal Prep Brand

Pepper Leaf is an Aussie owned, farm fresh and sustainable meal kit delivery company.

While serving select cities, they could not scale past 1k/month at a profitable cost per acquisition.

Some month’s acquisition costs were $162-$330 which was unsustainable.

The Goal

Directional improvement from Facebook ads

We were brought on to audit the account & create a plan scale at under $50 CPA.

The Solution

Stability & Scientific Testing

After restructuring the account architecture – we quickly implemented a monthly testing cadence for creatives and messaging.

We began to identify the message-to-market fit in terms of visuals and offers.

Leaning into the messaging that most resonated with our audiences we kept testing more assets that produced profitable acquisitions.

The results were better than expected…

The Results

Seeing directional growth & improvement

1,147%​ increase in customer volume monthly customer volume after 5 months.

Additionally… we saw a 29% decrease in CPA below our target as we continue to scale the account.

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