Industries: Ecommerce
Market: Australia

Decreasing the cost per acquisition through creative testing & investment allocation



Decrease in Average CPA


Increase In Average ROAS
The Story

A Personal Care Brand

VATÉA is an Australian certified organic brand that sells skincare, haircare and baby care products.

The company was suffering from dip in performance after the infamous iOS14 update from Apple.

The Goal

Directional improvement from Facebook ads

VATÉA wanted to reach previous level results. Andy was brought on to audit & revive the account.
The Solution

Road to redemption in 5 phases

Phase 1 – Website Touchups – First, we re-organized the range of products into 3 distinct product categories (baby care, hair care, and skin care).

Phase 2 – Historical Data – Next, we indexed the historical best performing ads as a base for each product category.

Phase 3 – Product Research – From there, we identified that out of the 3 categories, it was the skincare line that was getting the most consistent results.

Phase 4 – Creative Angles – Then, we dialed the testing budget into the skincare line via new creatives mixed with the historical best performers.

Phase 5 – Optimization – Over the course of a 3-4 weeks we slowly removed the worst performers into a few optimized ads, ready for the next test.

The Results

Seeing directional growth & improvement

320% decrease in the average CPA from $124 historically to a $38 CPA from the new creatives set.

46% increase in the historical average revenue of 0.6 ROAS to a new historical average of 1.1 ROAS.

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