How To Test Your Ad Copy And Find The Winning Ad

So how do you know if your ad is working or isn’t working?

It’s one of the most common concerns when it comes to running ads and the simple answer is “you don’t.”

And the only way do find out the truth. And that’s to test.

You could be advertising for yourself or other people… but you got to have it as part of your advertising process to test variations of the ad.

Now that we got that out the way… what do I mean by testing?

To simply put: You have to SPEND MONEY to send people to your adverting.

Look, there are too many variables, guessing, and factors to be able to know how your market will react to your ads.

A single word might kill the whole ad while another phrase can turn it into a million dollar campaign.

Nobody is good enough to “guess” how an ad will turn out…

So why aren’t more people doing testing on their advertising?

The problem is people are afraid

You know the person who comes up with a bunch of ideas, plans or drafts but is too afraid to put it out there?

The person who is too afraid to PUT MONEY ON IT.

They spent $20,000 on school, $2,000 on training courses, but they’re too afraid to put even $2,000 on testing advertising that could actually produce result.

Please don’t be this person because there is so much to gain from understand why you should test… and actually doing it.

The advantage of running advertising experiments

It’s crazy… the upside of testing.

You’ll have a sprinting start compared to your competitor who isn’t doing it.

And it’s super easy now with apps like Google Analytics, Wistia (for video) and other apps that help you measure how your audience interacts with your advertising. You can learn

  • How many visitors saw your message
  • How far they read (or viewed)
  • How long they stayed and engaged with your message
  • Where they left/dropped off on your website
  • And much more…

Guys. This stuff was not available in the old days of advertising.

If you have a sales letter that’s 20 pages long… and you can see people are dropping offer on the first paragraph, you know something is off there.

You can see where people are not liking your sales message and you can continually tweak until it’s perfect.

Getting enough data to test your advertising

Another classic problem is not running enough traffic and getting enough people to the page.

They get 50 people exposed to an advertisement and say it doesn’t work.

50 people isn’t enough to have any statically variance what so ever.

And people are scared to spend money to test ads, and I get it… we’re not all made of money here. (especially when you’re starting a business, maybe you got kids, a mortgage and a car.)

I know, it can be hard to come up with the money to test.

But it doesn’t have to be that expensive either.

If you are willing do what it takes to make advertising work for you then you have to be willing to spend some sort of money to get feedback in order to make proper decisions on how to move forward.

I run more Facebook ads testing in one week of testing than most small business do in a year.

Because faster you can find the losing ads to shut them down, the faster you can scale the winners.

And you can do it yourself and try to figure out all the in’s and out’s of advertising or you can get an expert to do this for you.

Do you want me to personally do this for you? Connect with me to schedule a quick 10 minute chat.

If we’re a fit, I’ll do what I can to move you toward success.

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