Market Research – Finding The Ideal Customer

In this article I cover the importance of breaking down your ideal audience so that:

  • When you speak to them you are heard in a sea of noisy competitors
  • Sell/give them what they actually want to buy (hint: it’s not your product/service)
  • You stop wasting your time selling the wrong thing to the wrong person

When it comes to selling, people’s biggest obstacle is how you deliver the right message.

Especially in the following two areas…

  1. Is your message being delivered to the right audience? (willingness and ability to buy)
  2. Is your message being delivered at the right time? (ideally when they FIRST discover they have a problem)

You’ll notice if you don’t have these areas covered, it get’s super frustrating to create that ‘buying frenzy’ you dream of. So you go and do your research their true emotion points.

  • what is it that they REALLY want?
  • what is their struggle RIGHT now?
  • What is the pain associated with this struggle?
  • What is their passion/ambition?

It’s hard to do this for yourself because we carry too many blind spots.

In fact, if I try to do my own marketing, I often hire someone else to do the research.

At least, have another expert besides yourself around to critique your stuff.

How to find the answers

There are many options of research. Here are a few you can pick and choose from…

  • The first recommendation is to talk to people, in person.
  • Consumer product? I might walk door-to-door.
  • Online surveys are scalable if you’ve got an audience
  • Dive deep into forums and groups
  • Facebook as a great audience insights app for psychographics
  • Ad beat to see what competitors are doing (and see what market is responding to)
  • Who’s mailing what: is a resource to find old salesletters (proven) in my market so I know the winners (they already did the research)

And really, that should get you started.

I do cover some ninja tricks of research and customer desire pin-pointing in my mastermind groups so be sure to join my newsletter or reach out to me directly if you want the shortcuts.

Your marketing and copywriting creates itself once you figure this out.

The key to great marketing is spending 80% of your effort on research and 20% on creation.

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