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From $0 to $100,000+ per month in revenue in only nine months...

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Monthly in Only 9 Months


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The Story

DIY At-Home Nail Salon Kits

Double Dip is a small business that provides high-quality dipping powders & liquids out of Dallas, TX.

With over 2,000 unique colors to their brand, great customer service, and a strong community of advocates, they set their sights onto expanding their business.

Andy was brought on to Double Dip as a consultant in the expansion of 3 areas:

  • Minimize dependency on Amazon with a brand new Shopify store.
  • Prioritize growing an email list to develop bottom-line revenue.
  • Scaling top-line customer acquisition from paid media.
The Goal

Owning the sales experience

Double Dip wanted a to sell products on their own store instead of relying solely on Amazon.

The Solution

How we helped grow a brand new Shopify store to 100k per month in revenue in only 9 months

Phase 1 - Laying the foundation

Before spending a dime on paid media, we built a website and retention strategy to get the most out of the traffic.

Based on competitive research, and best practices, we were able to recommend and build the Shopify store & lead capture channels.

We used “micro budget” paid-media strategy of $10,000 over 3 months to get some data and momentum going.

Our goal was to test different offers, creatives and audience angles to establish brand’s potential baseline.

Phase 2 - Using directional data

Doing that work from phase one helped us gain insight into the top performing products, thus allowing us to dial down our messaging.

Conversion rates, order size, and frequency of purchase continue to improve by optimizing based off data.

Beyond managing the ad account, I used that insight to consult & write the email campaigns that generated $23,462 in bottom line profits in the first 60 days of launch.

Email along with owned media channels continues to be a huge bottom-line revenue asset to this day.

Having ownership of a CRM also improves the brand valuation for investors or sale.

Phase 3 - Optimizing, testing & scaling

After building the foundation getting momentum, the next step was to make those results consistent and predictable.

Optimizing for the CPA allowed us to generate more volume of purchases from our budget.

Then during the peak holiday buying season we used a strategic offer to extended AOV & LTV.

This strategy culminated in both top & bottom line growth for Double Dip in Q4 of the year.

Products used:
The Results

Directional growth & improvement

We were able to break into 6 figures in monthly revenue from our own website instead of relying on Amazon.

  • 6-figure monthly revenue from Shopify
  • Continued top & bottom line growth

We are now working with Double Dip to maximize it’s efficiency & volume across it’s digital platforms.

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