The Three Kings Of Modern Marketing (Content, Context & Congruence)

Remember when content was king? Well, the king has been de-throned. Or better yet, ‘marketing’ as we know it has become more of a democracy in it’s current landscape. Where the former ‘king” must share the throne with his new friends… Content, Context & Congruence First, Let’s talk about Content Content is the medium in which […]

How to Craft A Sales Message That Sells

So you want to craft a your own sales message that let’s you: Persuade people to take their wallets out and give you cash? Introduce an new product or service into the market? Sell courses, coaching, consulting or other professional services? And a whole lot more? Well, I got some good news for you, because I’ll […]

How to Market Physical Products (e-Commerce)

Some of you sell physical product online. And you would like to: Increase sales (conversion) Reach more customers (traffic) If that’s the case, then here are the marketplace principles I’ve discovered to work well for e-commerce. Direct Response Marketing Wins I repeat, “Only run direct response advertising!” Why is that? For one, ‘traditional branding’ ads work […]

Price & Charge What You’re Worth

When it comes to pricing, how much do you charge? For most people, they use 2 methods: What competitors are doing What they feel they deserve Those two methods can be a great indicator of what you should price. But how about a third method? Ready? “Charge as much as the market is willing to […]

Market Research – Finding The Ideal Customer

In this article I cover the importance of breaking down your ideal audience so that: When you speak to them you are heard in a sea of noisy competitors Sell/give them what they actually want to buy (hint: it’s not your product/service) You stop wasting your time selling the wrong thing to the wrong person […]

How To Test Your Ad Copy And Find The Winning Ad

So how do you know if your ad is working or isn’t working? It’s one of the most common concerns when it comes to running ads and the simple answer is “you don’t.” And the only way do find out the truth. And that’s to test. You could be advertising for yourself or other people… but […]